Since 1993


The Philippines is at the cusp of an economic boom that can be truly inclusive. Investing for impact in the country will rise as a result of its growing, educated population, continued economic growth, stable financial markets, combined with large and still unmet social needs.


We plan to invest in any technology from any source that can eradicate poverty in the Philippines. These firms will have business models with inclusiveness and sustainability built-in, cautiously relying on technology, and instead founded on innovative concepts that both serve and employ the poor. American and European startups that want a foothold in the rapidly growing ASEAN market would do well to start in the Philippines, which is home to 1/6 of the region’s people.

We seek to make investments in portfolio companies that fit this investment strategy and our rigorous, proprietary metrics without prescribed allocations based on sectors. After over a decade of experience in the Philippines, we believe that most of the growth and impact will come from modernizing agriculture and mariculture as well as providing broadband internet access to all; then capitalizing on consumer goods, mobile apps, IoT, biotech, and agritech investments that arise.